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"I wanted to write this note of appreciation for the excellent job Endelman & Associates PLLC did in reviewing design development drawings…Not only did the review point out some areas where we had not fully met the complex, combined requirements of WAC, FHA and the ADA, but also the work was performed very quickly to accommodate our rush schedule. I found your report format thorough and easy to use…Please feel free to use me as a reference for your future work."

Michael S. Lyons, Development Manager (Retired), AvalonBay Communities, Inc.


Accessibility Project Highlights

The complete listing of ADA/ Accessibility projects by E&A and those managed by William E. Endelman, AIA previously as ADA Program Manager for Heery International, Inc., is extensive. ADA Survey projects include hundreds of million square feet of building area, for over 900 clients, and hundreds of thousands of acres of parklands for significant corporate and public sector clients. Many hundreds of buildings have been renovated to be accessible based upon the Facility Accessibility Survey Reports.

The following are a few highlights of these projects for significant clients, which demonstrate the breadth and depth of experience we can bring to bear on your project.

*Projects with asterisk performed by William E. Endelman as ADA Program Manager at Heery International.

  • City of Bellevue - Phase I & II ADA Surveys

    City of Bellevue
    Bellevue City Hall Interior Hall

    E&A has performed ADA Surveys in 2 Phases to date of multiple parks, community centers, and administrative facilties for the City.  Surveys of parks present some unique accessibility challenges.  Standards for "develped outdoor recreation" are still in a draft version, and have not yet been adopted as law.  These affect some aspects of park amenties, while other aspects are newly covered under the new 2010 ADA Standards, such as pools & spas and playground equipment.

  • Apartment Projects for National Developers

    Equity Residential (EQR)
    Legacy Partners
    Lincoln Property Co.
    Simpson Housing LLLP
    Wood Partners LLC and Affiliated Entities
    Project Image

    Accessibility Design Review of Preliminary & Construction Documents

    We perform Accessibility Design Reviews and Accessibility Surveys (for existing projects) for compliance with accessibility provisions of Building Codes, HUD’s Fair Housing Act and the ADA. ADA only applies to the public accommodation portions such as the leasing office, retail space and associated parking for the multi-unit buildings. We have worked on many dozens of  major projects to date for these and other prestigious clients.

  • AvalonBay Accessibility Design Reviews

    AvalonBay Communities, Inc.
    Avalon Juanity Village

    We were hired to review architectural drawings prior to construction for compliance with Washington Accessibility Code, California Building Code, HUD’s Fair Housing Act and the ADA on 15 proejcts to date. ADA only applies to the leasing office, retail space and associated parking for the multi-unit buildings. We found some accessibility items that could have had significant cost impacts, if left until after construction to solve. We are contracted to due some accessibility construction observation as a follow-up to the drawing reviews.

  • Virginia Mason Medical Center, Seattle - ADA Survey

    Virginia Mason Medical Center
    Project Image

    As a subconsultant to NBBJ, E&A performed ADA Surveys of the Main Campus Hospital / Clinic facilties as well as the other VMMC Clinic facilities in the Seattle area.  The survey of dozens of buildings was done using the new 2010 ADA Standards, commenced just prior to formal adoption by USDOJ, so that it would be most current into the future.  VMMC is using E&A's proprietary Survey Manager Software to manage the barrier removal process.

  • National Property Owner - ADA & FHA Surveys 30 West Coast Properties

    Project Image

    E&A performed ADA Surveys of a portfolio of retail malls, industrial buildings, and high rise office buildings in multiple states.  E&A did Fair Housing Act compliance surveys of a number of large multi-unit housing properties.

  • Pike Place Market, Seattle, WA

    Pike Place Market
    Project Image

    With Karen Braitmayer of Studio Pacifica Ltd. as a sub-consultant, we are nearly completed with a Facility Accessibility Survey of 9 Market Buildings and 3 parking lots. The Market stalls and shops are in Historic Landmark Buildings, a series of interconnected buildings and other free-standing buildings. The street terrain of the site is at significantly different grades. The fact that the floor levels of these old, connected buildings do not align creates special accessible route challenges, with limited space to steep ramps into complying ramps. Our recommendations will help the PDA take advantage of existing accessible routes via existing elevators and greatly improve signage information to assist all users in finding routes through the Market, as is readily achievable.

  • City of Tacoma ADA Survey of City Owned Buildings

    City of Tacoma
    Tacoma Dome

    E&A completed the project 2/16/07, ADA Surveys of 74 City Buildings that include the Tacoma Dome, Cheney Stadium, high rise Municipal Building, Libraries, Fire Stations, Community Centers, Training Facilities and other unique buildings.  As always, E&A used our proven Survey SolutionsTM Software.

  • King County Owned Buildings - Multi-Phased Project

    King County Parks & King County Buildings Ph. I & II, WA
    King County Admin Building

    Phase I King County Buildings – 2002

    Endelman & Associates PLLC, and sub-consultant Studio Pacifica Ltd., completed ADA Surveys of ten County selected Public Health Care and District Court facilities for compliance with Title II of the ADA as part of Phase I.   We were selected to survey all facilities, and anticipate future survey phases as funding is approved for the work.

    Phase II King County Buildings – 2007

    Phase II was completed 2007.  A number of large and complex facilities are part of this phase including:  King County Administration Building, King County Courthouse, King County Correction Facility and 13 other facilities, with over 1.5 million sq. ft.

  • U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) - Litigation Consultant

    U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ)
    Project Image

    William E. Endelman and Mariesha Blazik have been accessibility litigation consultants and Testifying Expert for DOJ on both ADA and Fair Housing Act cases. E&A's work includes significant commercial buildings on the East Coast, colleges, and multi-unit housing cases in the West.

  • Litigation Consultant for Owners & Developers of Multiunit Housing - Multiple Cases (Clients confidential)

    Project Image

    E&A act as a litigation consultant and expert witness for both defendants and enforcing agencies such ad USDOJ and HUD.  We are currently assisting a public entity in a USDOJ lawsuit, as well as a 4 national and regional developer / property owners.  We have extensive litigastion consulting and expert witness experience to assist our clients.

  • Historic Landmark Facility Accessibility Survey

    The Northwest School
    The Northwest School

    We were contract to perform an accessibility survey of the main school building, an historic landmark, the dormitory, and leased cafeteria facilities. Certain aspects of the building are registered, including classroom doors and the end stairs. The school building has two main floors, and a series of levels below that, but does not have an elevator. We recommended an elevator in a key location that would provide access to almost all levels, The remaining ones would require a wheelchair lift. All of the work should be able to be accommodated within historic landmark restrictions. The main entry has a steep ramp following grade that we believe can be revised to be compliant without changing the overall appearance of the façade. Surveys were performed during school session without disruption to classes.

  • Accessibility Study, 104 Parks and Trails

    King County Division of Capital Planning & Development
    Project Image

    As Principal and Project Manager of Endelman & Associates PLLC, in association with MacLeod Reckord Landscape Architects, E&A has completed directing ADA Surveys of 104 of the County’s parks and trails. One unique feature of this project is the survey standard that was applied. The ADA Technical Guidelines (ADAAG), the technical standard of the ADA, was not written to appropriately serve as a standard for outdoor recreation areas. A 1994 study by the Outdoor Recreation Committee of the Access Board on proposed accessibility standards for outdoor recreation areas is currently being finalized as a proposed amendment to ADAAG. We applied this standard to park walkways and trails, augmenting the ADAAG standards which are applicable for other aspects.

  • Montage Beverly Hills

    HKS / Hill Glazier Studio Architects
    Project Image

    E&A performed Accessibility Design Reviews of this luxurious Hotel & Condominium facility.  The building includes 201 guestrooms, including 55 suites and 20 wholly owned Montage Residences.  There are extensive restaurant, spa, meeting space, and other amenities.

  • The Exchange Building, Seattle, WA - 1930's Historic High Rise Building Survey

    Mithun Partners, Inc. for Trammell Crow Co.
    Project Image

    E&A completed an ADA Survey of this 22 story architecturally significant high rise office building. Accessibility solutions required particular sensitivity to preserving the fine architectural detail. The barrier removal is to be substantially integrated into a renovation program for the building, being designed by Mithun Partners Inc.

  • Representative School District Projects - ADA Surveys totaling 215 Schools & Facilities*

    Boulder Valley School District, CO
    Cupertino Union School District, CA
    Seattle School District
    Springfield School District, OR
    Project Image

    K - 12 educational facilities are a complex building type which requires program accessibility under Title II. Because so many of the buildings are very old, solutions to barrier removal required creativity. Additionally, work is often performed during the school year (rather than summer recess), necessitating non-disruptive procedures. School districts are typically very short of funds, so thoughtful Transition Plans were done to optimize immediate significant accessibility gains, some in the context of other facility renovation programs. A facilitation/ retreat process was utilized at Cupertino Union School District.

    *School projects performed by William E. Endelman as ADA Program Manager at Heery Interntional Inc., except for Springfield School District, OR.

  • ADA Campus-wide ADA Survey*

    University of Arizona

    As ADA Program Director for Heery International, Mr. Endelman developed custom database survey software for an ADA Survey of over 10 million s.f. on the Main and rural campuses. The software was designed to simplify the survey of virtually all university building types. Mr. Endelman was responsible for the technical quality of the work and supervision of the Project Manager and team. The entire survey / documentation was completed in 10 months. (*Performed by William E. Endelman as ADA Program Manager at Heery International)

  • ADA Survey & Construction Management all Branches*

    Seafirst Bank, Branch Properties

    In addition to surveying all (295) branch locations in WA, ID, and AK, the barriers were removed at all the WA locations coordinating the efforts of ten Contractors. The ADA Survey Reports have written design solutions complete enough to have enabled a design-build process. The project was completed in phases, rapidly and within budget.  (*Performed by William E. Endelman as ADA Program Manager at Heery International)

  • ADA Survey of Owned & Leased Facilities*

    County of Orange, CA

    As Project Manager for Heery International, Mr. Endelman managed survey efforts on site for 3.9 million s.f. for multiple Agencies including Courthouses, Health Care Agency clinics, Social Services Agency buildings, Libraries, Fire Stations, Jails, Administrative Offices, etc. Additionally, Mr. Endelman conducted an ADA training Seminar for over 35 staff, and performed extensive training for A&E staff. A full Transition Plan was prepared, including an interactive process with representatives of each agency. The survey work was completed in only 3.5 months.  (*Performed by William E. Endelman as ADA Program Manager at Heery International)

  • General Growth Portfolio - Nine Regional Shopping Malls

    Marx / Okubo

    Survey of Mall and 4 High Rise Buildings / Survey Support for Team Surveying 8 Malls

    We were contracted by Marx / Okubo, Ltd., who specialize in building condition surveys. Due to the compressed time frame, we assisted in training experienced surveyors in doing basic ADA surveys of eight malls scattered around the Country. We trained them on our custom survey software and methodology and reviewed the surveys results. Over 9 Million square feet were completed in a matter of weeks. E&A performed hands-on surveys of the Mayfair Mall and four Office Towers outside Milwaukee, 1960’s buildings which have been renovated over the years – a complex project.

  • Ph. I, Accessibility Surveys*

    City of San Diego

    As Program Manager for Heery International, Mr. Endelman directed the Project Manager and team in surveying 165 facilities for compliance with both ADA and CA Title 24 requirements for accessibility. Facility types included Park and Recreation facilities, libraries, the City Office Complex, senior centers, Jack Murphy Stadium (San Diego Chargers facility) and others. Surveys were performed using ADA Survey software, customized for the addition of State code requirements, which go beyond ADA technical requirements. Key staff person was trained in the administration of the implementation phases.  (*Performed by William E. Endelman as ADA Program Manager at Heery International)

Hospitality and Gaming

  • The Cosmopolitan Hotel Casino

    Friedmutter Group
    Project Image

    Construction was completed at the end of 2010, and includes hotel, condominium, and casino facilities.

  • Echelon Hotel & Casino

    BLT Architects
    Project Image

    Construction stopped during recession - 5 hotels and casino facilities

  • Numerous Gaming / Hospitality Facilities

    Friedmutter Group
    Project Image

    Serivces for hundreds of new and renovation projects for gaming and hotel facilities in Las Vegas and on Native American lands.  Operators inlcude Harrah's, Station Casinos, Caesar's Palace, Horseshoe Casinos, Ritz Carlton, and many others.  Architects include Friedmutter Group, KGA, JMA, and Klai Juba Wald.