"I just wanted to let you know that I think Soo is doing a great job! I am sure she has other projects on her plate, but I wouldn’t know it…She always answers within a day at most and provides clear, thoughtful, responses with back-up.

Just thought you should know what a pleasure it is to have her (and you) on our side.


Karen Van Winkle

Director of Design

Carmel Partners


Endelman & Associates Clients

Accessible Home Design
Tukwila, WA

Design consulting for accessible home for owner with progressively debilitating disease.

AIA Seattle
Seattle, WA

ADA / Fair Housing Act / Code Accessibility Training seminars for the American Institute of Architects Seattle Chapter - multiple years.

Alamo Manhattan
Dallas, TX

FHA plan reviews and accessibility site observations for properties in Bellevue, WA and Portland, OR.

Alegis Realty Investors LLC

FHA/ Code Accessibility Survey & Recommendations for 230 unit apartment building

Alliance Residential

FHA/ Code Accessibility Design Reviews of multi-housing projects in Denver area

American Realty Advisors
Seattle, WA

FHA / ADA Due diligence surveys for acquisition of 2 Seattle apartment projects and on project in Houston.

ARCO Tower

Thirty-one story office building for property manager.

Attorney General of Washington

Accessibility assessment for legal action.

AvalonBay Communities, Inc.

FHA Accessibility Design Reviews of design development and construction documents for 100 to 200 unit residential projects.

Ball Janik LLP
Portland, OR

Litigation consultant to Oqwner's Attorneys on multiunit housing complaint.

Bellevue Master LLC/ CM&D - Construction Manager/ Mithun - Architecture LINCOLN SQUARE
Bellevue, WA

Accessibility design reviews for Lincoln Square, a 2.5 million sq. ft mixed use office, hotel (Starwood), condo, retail, theater, parking development in downtown.

BLT Architects
Philadelphia / Nevada

Multiple Accessibility Plan Reviews of a multi-tower Resort / Casino property in Las Vegas

Boulder Valley School District, CO

Forty-six school facilities

Brown, Winfield & Canzoneri, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA

FHA consultant for property ownership transfer for Corporate Owner.

Carmel Partners
Denver, Colorado

FHA/ Code/ ADA consultant for acquisition of multi-unit residential property.

Carrier Johnson (Architects)

FHA Accessibility Design Review of construction documents adaptive reuse, high rise residential project & Multiple apartment & dormitory projects.

CB Richard Ellis
San Jose, CA

ADA Survey of high rise property managed by CB Richard Ellis.

Cedar Development LLC

Accessibility Design Review and Consulting

Centex Homes Seattle Division

FHA/ Code Accessibility Design Reviews of multi-housing projects.

City of Bellevue

Phase I ADA Surveys of City facilities.

City of San Diego

Approx. 2 million s.f. of the City's facilities

City of Tacoma
Tacoma, WA

ADA Survey and Transition Plan just starting.

City of Tacoma, WA

Contracted to perform ADA Surveys of 78 City Owned facilities in 2006.

Confidential Client

ADA and FHA surveys for 30 owned retail, office building, and apartment, properties in multiple states for internal risk management purposes.

Confidential Hotel Client
Multiple States

ADA Surveys for a dozen hotels and resort hotels in multiple states

ConocoPhillips & Plaintiff

Hired as Independent Expert for implementation of Consent Decree Barrier Removal program.

County of Los Angeles

Conducted all day technical training of project managers and trade supervisors to assist the County in implementing a barrier removal program based upon an ADA Survey by others.

County of Orange, CA

Approx. 2 million s.f. of public facilities - courts, jails, health care, social services, libraries, fire stations and administration

Cox Kliewer & Company PC Architecture
Virginia Beach, VA

FHA / ADA / Code plan reviews of multiple multi-unit housing projects in Virginia and East Coast states.

Cuningham Group Architecture, Inc.
Culver City, CA

FHA plan reviews for multiple Southrn California multiunit housing projects.

Cupertino Union School District, CA

Fifty-two school buildings

Cushman & Wakefield
Seattle, WA

ADA Survey of high rise property managed by Cushman & Wakefield.

Daniel Fox & Associates (DFA)

Building Condition Survey for commercial retail property

Davis Partnership Architects

FHA/ Code Accessibility Design Reviews of multi-housing projects in Denver Area.

Dick Pacific Construction Co., Ltd.

FHA/ Code Accessibility Consulting / Testifying Expert Services for the largest construction company in Hawaii

Easter Seals Washington
  • Pro bono and for fee project management consulting on proposed accessible camp / recreation area facilities in Okanogan County.
  • Project Management/ Development Consulting for a unique 100% Accessible (beyond FHA requirements) Multi-Unit mixed use Residential project; Project at initial concept stage.
Boston, MA

ADA Due Diligence Surveys and Overview ADA Assessments for firm sepcializing in Building Condition Surveys.

Ekmark & Ekmark Attorneys
Scottsdale, AZ

FHA / Code consulting on multi-unit condominium properties in Phoenix area

Encore Multi-Family, LLC
Dallas, TX

Assisted client in resolution of a lawsuit on an aquired property.

Equity Residential (EQR)

FHA/ Code Accessibility Design Reviews of a number of multi-unit housing construction documents in AZ, CO, IL, MI, CA, & WA. Review drawings as part of due diligence for acquisition. ADA & FHA Surveys.

Federal Dispute Resolution Center
Fairfax, VA

ADA Survey of facility in support of resolution of accessibility issues.

Fentress Architects for LAWA

ADA / CBC Plan reviews of the new Tom Bradley International Terminal Modifications at Los Angeles International Airport. Two new concourses and West Core expansion.

First Interstate Tower

Thirty story office building for property manager.

Floyd & Pflueger, P.S.Attorneys

ADA consultant for ADA litigation.

Fred Diamondstone, Attorney at Law

Testifying Expert Services that lead to settlement prior to trial

Friedmutter Group
Las Vegas & Atlantic City

Accessibility Design Reviews for most projects for firm providing Master planning, Architecture and Themed Design services to the hospitality industry and others.

GBD Architects Incorporated
Portland, OR

FHA Plan Reviews for multiple hiogh rise housing projects in Portland.

General Growth Properties

ADA surveys of 9 regional malls nationwide including 4 mid-rise office buildings, as sub-consultant to Marx/ Okubo. Staff technical training.

GGLO L.L.C. Architects
Seattle, WA

FHA/ ADA Accessibility Design Reviews of mixed use projects in WA and CA.

GGLO L.L.C. Architects

FHA/ Code Accessibility Design Reviews of mixed use developments in WA and CA for various developers

Denver, CO

Accessibility Design Review for FHA and Code compliance for condominium project.

Harrah's Entertainment, Inc.

ADA due diligence surveys of three acquisition properties in three states.

Heery International, Inc.
  • Medical Equipment Planning / Project Management Assistance / Preliminary Move Management for Harborview Medical Center, Seattle.
  • Medical Equipment Planning / Project Management Assistance/ Construction Document Review for Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago.
Heitler Development

FHA / ADA Survey of mixed use property. FHA Design Review for new apartment complex Denver with Humphries Poli Architects.

Seattle, WA

FHA Plan Reviews and site observation for high rise luxury apartment project in Seattle,

Hewitt Architects
Seattle, WA

Plan reviews of multiple projects in Seattle.

Hill Glazier Architects

ADA / Code Accessibility Design Reviews of multiple resort projects.

HKS / Hill Glazier Studio Architects

FHA / ADA / Code Accessibility design Reviews for complex very high end resort hotels and condominiums.

Holland Construction
Seattle, WA

FHA / ADA / Code Accessibility Design Reviews of multiunit housing projects

Humphreys & Partners, Architects

FHA/ Code Accessibility Design Reviews of multi-housing projects in CA, TX, Las Vegas, and the South.

Inland Construction

FHA / ADA / Accessibility Code reviews of multiple apartment projects in WA, ID, MT, and CO.  Inland Construction is both in the role of developer and contractor on many projects.

Multiple States

Plan reviews and accessibility site observations of multipleprojects.

JG Johnson Architects

FHA/ Code Accessibility Design Reviews of multi-housing projects in Denver.

Key Trust Company
Tacoma, WA

Forty-five commercial trust properties

King County Division of Capital Planning & Development

Accessibility survey of 104 parks and trails. Phase I ADA Surveys of 21 King County Buildings - Ph. I & II.

King County Parks & King County Buildings Ph. I & II, WA

Accessibility survey of 104 parks and trails. Phase I ADA Surveys of 21 King County Buildings - Ph. I & II.

Kravitz, Schnitzer & Sloane
Las Vegas, NV

Testifying Expert Services for a condominium accessibility complaint

Legacy Partners
Denver, Los Angeles

Accessibility Design Reviews and Accessibility Surveys for FHA/ Code compliance of a number of large multi-unit housing complexes in Colorado & California

Lexas Companies

FHA/ Code Accessibility Design Reviews of luxury multi-housing condominium project in Seattle.

Lincoln Property Co.

FHA/ Code Accessibility Design Reviews and construction phase verification surveys of multi-housing projects.

Manly & Stewart, Attorneys
Costa Mesa, CA

Selected as accessibility expert to serve their many clients, including Legacy Partners.

Martin Smith, Inc. Real Estate Services

Commercial floors of Seattle multi-use high rise

Marx / Okubo
600 Broadway Medical Center

ADA survey of medical office building and parking

Marx / Okubo
Legacy Tower, Denver

ADA survey of 25 story vacant 1960's high rise for development due diligence for Legacy Partners.

Marx / Okubo for Univ. of Washington Medical Center

ADA Survey of medical/ research office building

Michael C. Kahrs, Attorney at Law

ADA survey and testifying expert on behalf of plaintiff regarding a public facility

Mithun Partners, Inc. for Trammell Crow Co.

ADA Survey of 1930's high rise building as part of renovation project

Morgans Hotel Group
Las Vegas

Multiple Accessibility Plan Reviews of a multi-tower Resort / Casino property in Las Vegas

Nixon Peabody - Attorneys
Washington D.C.

As Agent for HEI, due diligence surveys for ADA compliance for hotel property acquisitions.

Northwestern Mutual
Milwaukee, WI

FHA / ADA / Code Accessibility Design reviews of 2 mixed use projects in Seattle for financial partner.

Northwood Hospitality

ADA Survey and plan review of renivation of the historic Palace Hotel in NY.  Work with Jones, Lang, LaSalle as Owner's Representative.

Paul Elkin, Attorney
Boca Raton, FL

Litigation consulting for attorney for midwest developer client for FHA lawsuit regarding 9 multiunit properties in multiple states.

Perkins Coie, Attorneys

Consultant & Expert for defendant on 13 property DOJ case.

Phoenix Property Company

Plan review of CA project.

Pike Place Market

ADA Survey of 12 historic market buildings and parking; ongoing consulting.

Poole & Associates
Salt Lake City

Consultant to attorney representing property owner for resolution of multiunit housing complaint.

Prudential Plaza
Denver, CO

High rise building and parking structure for property manager.

Pyatok Architects
Berkeley, CA

FHA Plan Revoiws and Accessibility Site Observations on multiple apartment proejcts in the Bay Area.

RedPeak Properties
Denver, CO

FHA Accessibility Design Reviews/ Surveys of many acquired multi-unit housing developments in Colorado. FHA Accessibility Design Review for adaptive reuse of high rise building.

Reeve Shima, P.C.
Seattle, WA

FHA litigative consultant and ADA Survey for national corporate client.

REI - Recreational Equipment, Inc.

ADA / Code Consulting on new store prototypes and other issues

RLA Design LLC
  • Prepared development signage standards for Highlands Ranch, Colorado for Mission Viejo Company.
  • Operations management consulting and project management for various commercial projects - ongoing.
  • Preliminary Site and Building Design - consulting for a 54,000 s.f. suburban office complex, an 11 building mixed use complex, and a 425,000 s.f. shopping center.
San Diego National Bank

Survey of 10 branch banks & new bank site in association with Paul L. Bishop, AIA

Sands Expo
Las Vegas

ADA Restroom Survey of large convention center.

Saris-Regis, CA

FHA/ Code Accessibility Design Reviews of multi-housing projects in CA.

SCB - Soloman Cordwell Buenz
San Francisco, CA

The 100 Van Ness project in San Francisco is a renovation of a 1975 office building into a 27 story building high rise residential building. 

Seafirst Bank, Branch Properties

295 Washington Branch Banks (now Bank of America)

Seafirst Bank, Real Estate Special Credits

Approx. fifty commercial properties in six states

Seattle Public Library Design

Pro Bono Consulting, along with other consultants, on new library design by Rem Koolhaas and LMN Architects regarding accessibility issues of unique design

Seattle School District

Sixty-five elementary, middle and high schools

Security Pacific Bank Washington

One hundred branch banks by staff managed by Mr. Endelman, Manager, Branch Bank Design & Construction

Shea Homes
Highlands Ranch, CO

FHA / Code consulting and FHA Accessibility Design reviews for new multi-unit housing properties.

Sheridan Green Properties

Tenant coordination and lease / document coordination for commercial retail real estate development project.

Shurgard Storage Company

ADA Consulting on proposed changes to ADAAG

Signature Equities Inc.

Accessibility Design Review of retail project in Colorado Springs for RLAdesignLLC Architects

Simpson Housing LLLP

Accessibility Design Reviews and accessibility construction observation at multiple apartment proejcts in WA, CA and OR.

Sound Transit

Hired as on-call ADA Consultant for transit authority

Springfield School District, OR

ADA Surveys of 28 schools and administrative facilities in association with L.A. Kersh Architecture, Inc.

Starline Windows
British Columbia

Accessibility consulting on sliding door products for CA Title 24 compliance.

State of California - DSA for Paul L. Bishop, Architect

As sub-consultant to Paul L. Bishop, AIA conducted an ADA survey as part of due diligence for State lease of major private sector office tower in Sacramento.

Stoel Rives L.P.
Seattle, WA

ADA Litigative Consulting for fast food franchisee.

The Bryan Company

FHA/ Code Accessibility Design Reviews of multi-housing projects in the South.

The Cowboy Group
Salt Lake City

FHA Accessibility Design Reviews of design development and construction documents for multiple residential projects.

The Johnson Partnership Architects

Accessibility Design Review for the Northwest Montessori School relocation into an historic Art Deco building shell.

The Northwest School
Seattle, WA

ADA Survey of historic landmark school, cafeteria and dormitory buildings; Accessibility Design Review of renovation construction documents; ongoing consulting.

Theresa L. Kitay, Attorney
Marina Del Rey, CA

Litigative consultant to ADA Attorney on 10 properties for two owners in progress.

U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ)

Outside consultant to DOJ as litigative consultant and testifying witness, assisting in enforcement of the ADA.

U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) - Housing & Civil Enforcement

Litigative Consultant and testifying expert for the Housing Section for a number of Fair Housing Act compliance cases.

Union Bank of California

Trust Property ADA survey

University of Arizona

10 million s.f. on the main and remote campuses

USAA Realty
Seattle, WA

FHA / Code / ADA Construction Observation services for project previously under construction.  (No plan reviews performed.)

Vander Hoek Corporation
Bellevue, WA

FHA plan reviews for downtown Bellevue mixed use multiunit housing project.

Virginia Mason Medical Center
Seattle, WA

ADA Survey of Main Campus and branch Clinics using 2010 ADA Standards.

Virginia V Association

Pro Bono Accessibility Consulting for restoration/ renovation of historic Puget Sound "Mosquito Fleet" Boat into historic and accessible tour boat/ museum

Washington Mutual Finance Center.
Spokane, WA

High rise building

Wells Fargo Real Estate Group

Thirteen trust properties in seven states

West One Bank

Eighty-five branches in WA, OR and UT

Whiteco Residential LLC
Chicago, IL

FHA / Code Accessibility Design review for new multi-unit housing property.

Wise Enterprises LLC
Bellingham, WA

FHA Accessibility Design Review of multi-unit housing project in Washington.

Wood Partners LLC and Affiliated Entities

FHA Accessibility Design Reviews of multi-unit housing developments for multiple Wood Partners Offices.