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"I am copying Bill on this message, although my words of praise will not adequately advise him about the ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT job you did on the phone today.  You explained every issue and answered every one of my questions (mostly idiotic, but maybe some that were okay) in a way not only that I understood, but in a way that explained the relationship between the matter and the rules in question and described the thought process that went into the report, which went far beyond a mere recitation of compliance requirements, but included the steps you and Bill took to provide common sense and well-reasoned remediation steps to achieve compliance without unnecessary waste of my Client's dollars.  I could not have asked for anything better than what I received today.  Thank you for your patience and your communication skills." - 

Paul Elkin, Attorney


E&A Contact Information

Let us show you how we may assist you in ADA - FHA - Code compliance by contacting us in the manner most convenient to you.

If ever you don't hear from us very promptly, assume it is a technical glitch, or inadvertent filtering by our Spam filters. Please then contact us again directly by phone. Thank you.

Telephone 206-324-6462
Fax 206-324-6469
Corporate Address

William E. Endelman, AIA, Principal
Michael B. Schneider.AIA, Principal

Endelman & Associates PLLC
One Union Square
600 University St., Suite 1515, Seattle, WA 98101

Pease note our new Suite #


Principal - Manager, Member PLLC: William E. Endelman, AIA

Principal - Member PLLC: Michael B. Schneider, AIA



Bart Sanderson, Technical Director, Senior Accessibility Consultant

Soo Park, Accessibility Consultant, Architect

Steve Dombrowski, Accessibility Consultant

Bridget Smith, Accessibility Consultant

Scott Adams

Heather Frandsen, Office Manager (Accounting & Support)

Elise Spencer, Administrative Assistant (Technical Support)

  Scottsdale, AZ Office - Our Scottsdale Branch office was permanently closed effective 1/16/12, so please contact us at our Seattle location above for all services.  If you should dial the old Scottsdale phone number, the person you may reach does NOT represent Endelman & Associates.

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