“Thanks so much for your help on this. Once again, you have saved me from major heartburn, and I won't forget that as we go through the design of our next project.  We'll keep you posted on our progress.”

Brad Miller, President, Encore Multi-Family, LLC


FHA and ADA Litigation is Going Strong - E&A Can Assist You

February 11, 2011

There is no slowdown in litigation due to the economy.  E&A is assisting a number of large clients to resolve the complaints, as litigation consultant to their attorneys.  We can help you understand the issues and save you money.

Large National Property Owner (Confidential) - ADA & FHA Surveys

February 11, 2011

E&A has completed ADA and FHA Surveys of dozens of properties of various building types in California and the Western U.S. to help them maintain compliant properties.  E&A utilized our custom Survey Solutions ADA survey software.

Justice Department Adopts the 2010 Standards for Accessibility

September 01, 2010

E&A is Ready to Assist You

From Access Currents - "On September 15, 2010, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) published updates to its ADA regulations and adopted new design standards based on guidelines previously issued by the Access Board. ...

Virginia Mason Medical Center Selects NBBJ - Endelman & Associates Team

September 01, 2010

Virginia Mason LogoEndelman & Associates partnered with NBBJ and completed an ADA Survey of VMMC healthcare facilities suing the new 2010 ADA...

Sound Transit Selects E&A as On-Call ADA Consultant

September 01, 2010

E&A is pleased to have been selected after the formal RFQ process to assist Sound Transit. We look forward to working on future light...

Trends In Company Compliance Practices - Site Observation

September 01, 2010

E&A has observed that as there is increased litigation under both the Fair Housing Act and ADA, our clients have greatly increased their...

E&A Welcomes Our More Recent New Clients

September 01, 2010

We are pleased to working with:

  • Nixon Peabody as Agent for HEI
  • Fentress Architects
  • Essex Property Trust
  • Poole & Poole Architects
  • SunAmerica Affordable Housing
  • Mithun Architects
  • S.L. Nusbaum
  • ...

E&A Continues Work on the Redesign of The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas

September 01, 2010

E&A performed numerous Accessibility Design Reviews (plan reviews) of the project for Friedmutter Group, the architects. Now...

E&A Completed King County Phase II Buildings - ADA Surveys

September 01, 2010

E&A has completed the second phase of ADA Building Surveys, having previously completed 104 King County Parks and Phase I Building Surveys.

E&A Completed ADA Survey & Transition Plan for City of Tacoma

September 01, 2010

E&A is pleased to have completed an ADA Survey and Transition Plan for all public program areas of City owned buildings.