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“Thanks so much for your help on this. Once again, you have saved me from major heartburn, and I won't forget that as we go through the design of our next project.  We'll keep you posted on our progress.”

Brad Miller, President, Encore Multi-Family, LLC


Michael B. Schneider Promoted to Partnership

Endelman & Associates PLLC is pleased to announce the expanded ownership of our Accessibility Consulting company.  Michael B. Schneider, a licensed architect, has become an equity partner (Member of the PLLC) effective January 1, 2015.  During 20 years of business as a sole owner, we have grown from a one person firm to a staff of eight.  I am excited to take this step, which will help ensure even better service for our clients, and the longevity of the firm.

   In addition to Michael’s accessibility consulting expertise, and extensive architecture experience, he brings the experience to help manage the firm by having managed the Seattle office of Marx / Okubo, Architecture and Construction Consultants, for eleven years.