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ADA Services


"Thank you very much for all of your effort these past few years. It was really nice to work with someone that was not only there to do a job, but there to help as well. You made my job easier simply by being yourself. You were always fair and honest with me, and that’s what I appreciated the most. Thanks again Bill, I look forward to working with you in the future."

Scott Naccarato, Re: Litigation Consulting, Cedar Development LLC


ADA & FHA Survey Report Pages

Following, is a Sample Report Page of our ADA Master Survey Report, described on our ADA Services page. The report is generated from our custom Survey Solutions SoftwareTM. The ADA Master Survey Report matrix is the primary survey information, sorted by building, then element (category), then barrier by location observed. It is as lengthy as the facility is large and to the extent that the building has barriers. Click on the thumbnail to see the Sample Report Page. (PDF File viewable in Acrobat)

Importantly, all database data in our surveys can be exported into an MS Excel spreadsheet. E&A also has our custom Survey Manager Software for license to our clients for a modest fee. It enables tracking of barrier removal progress by allowing client use of multiple status fields, data sorting, and report printing to document progress and remaining work to be performed.

E&A has a similar FHA / Code Survey Report Matrix, created in MS Excel, rather than our custom software.

Each Facility also has a Captioned Photo Page, which provides captioned examples of unique or typical barriers observed for the subject facility. Click on the thumbnail below to see a Sample Captioned Photo Page (PDF File viewable in Acrobat).

Importantly, the report includes an extensive Overview / Executive Summary section, which describes an overview of accessibility standards, survey assumptions, budget cost assumptions, and recommendations on using the survey report data.

Our ADA Survey Reports will provide you cost effective, practical, thorough, usable information to scope and implement barrier removal, and document your process.